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The state-of-the-art in videogame bowling, featuring the most authentic real-time pin physics ever created is now available for DirectX 8.1b-compatible PCs. Straightforward arcade-style control and turn-based multi-player play for up to 4 players on a single computer make Fast Lanes Bowling a great family or party game that anyone can pick up and play. Competitive AI, a wide range of game modes, a reward-based single player mode and an incredible physics model provide long-term replay value.


- Realistic physics model provides the most accurate and exciting ball and pin action

- 8 realistic high poly lanes in 4 unique real and fantasy environments

- 8 female and male characters with customizable strength, accuracy, and control attributes

- Six gameplay modes, including Open Play, Tournament, Skins, Challenge, Golf, and Practice


Game Information
Player Modes Single and Multi
Platform(s) PC
Genre Sports
System Requirements

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Pentium II 400 Mhz, Direct X 8.1 b compatible video card, 64 MB RAM, 200 MB Disk Space, 4K CD-ROM, Keyboard and Mouse

Publisher Enlight
Official Site